Flow for Polyamide

Innovative lubricant for polyamide applications. 

  • Extend melt flow, increase elongation, improve dispersion and compatibility. 
  • Achieve higher loading for your functional additives. 
  • Superior to traditional lubricants and silicone. 
  • Suitable for the most demanding filled and unfilled polyamide products.

Odor and VOC control for PP

Deodorant masterbatch for PP, TPE and PE.

  • Let your liquid or waxy additives perform at their best.
  • Odor and VOC emissions dramatically reduced.
  • No mechanical losses.
  • High efficiency, low dosage.
  • Simple dispersion with conventional compounding.

Anti-scratch for PP and TPO

Anti-scratch agent for automobile and other applications.

  • Enhanced scratch and mar performance.
  • Suitable for injection molded components.
  • Excellent anti-scratch performance according to automotive standards.
  • Applicable to filled systems.
  • Easily compounded.

Flow for PP

Performance masterbatch.

  • Highly efficient flow agent.
  • Rheology control for pipe, composite and other applications.
  • Control for narrow molecular weight distribution.
  • 10% peroxide masterbatch.
  • Easily compounded.

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