Magnifying glass over a laser-printed expiration date on a plastic package

ST-85D & ST-83B

ST-85D and ST-83B are laser additives for light and dark markings respectively in polyolefins and engineering plastics.

The additive’s benefits:

  • Strong marking contrast
  • Defined line edge detail
  • Speed of marking
  • Suggested Resins

    Polyolefins (PE, PP)

    Aromatic polymers (e.g. PC, ABS, SAN, PBT)

    Aliphatic polymers (e.g. PMMA, POM, PA)

  • Application Examples

    ST-83B can make black patterns in light-colored plastics.

    ST-85D can make white patterns in dark plastics

    Track-and-trace, Animal tags, Unique Device Identification and Serialization, Beverage caps, Cable IDs.


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