Unique Solutions

Science applied to the toughest challenges for plastics processors.

Polyamide Flow Agent

Innovative lubricant for PA applications. 

  • Melt flow, dispersion and compatibility
  • Higher loading for your functional additives
  • Superior to silicone or other options
  • Filled or unfilled PA6, PA66, PA46, etc

Odor and VOC removed from polyolefins

Deodorant for PP, TPO, TPE, PE.

  • Odor and VOCs permanently removed
  • Highly efficient masterbatch additive
  • No mechanical losses
  • Ideal for regrind PP and TPO

Flow Agent for bioplastics and more

Innovative modifier for PLA, PBAT and other resins.

  • Melt flow, dispersion and compatibility
  • High flow control for bioplastics (PLA, PBAT)
  • Pigment effect enhancement (PC and PET)
  • Avoid glass fiber at surface (PC and PC/ABS)

Anti-scratch for PP and TPO

Anti-scratch agent for auto & other use.

  • Enhanced scratch and mar
  • Superior to competing additives
  • Proven in automotive
  • Simple compounding

Flow for PP

High performance flow masterbatch.

  • Rheology control for pipe, composite, etc
  • Control for narrow molecular weight distribution
  • 10% peroxide masterbatch

Anti-scratch for ABS, PC/ABS

Anti-scratch and lubricity.

  • Excellent for injection molding, extrusion
  • Enhanced surface gloss
  • Food contact approved
  • Won't affect printed surfaces