mixture of red and blue polymer pellets


Polypropylene compatibilizer excellent for coupling PP to inorganic materials, PP to polar polymers and other uses. Highly effective binding of PP with glass/inorganic fillers or metal adhesion.

Created directly through reaction instead of extrusion, our ST-G-PP30LO compatibilizer is ideal for coupling glass fiber into a PP matrix or PP-to-metal adhesion. Superb Izod & Charpy performance, notched and unnotched.

Ultra-low VOC in your compounds as this product is made through a reactive process and has not been previously compounded.

NOW CERTIFIED Food-Contact Safe!

  • Suggested Resins


  • Application Examples

    Compatibilizing most effective in binding PP to reinforcing layers like glass/inorganic fillers or metal adhesion.

    Achieve compatibility between polyolefins and more polar polymers capable of interacting with maleic anhydride for alloying, recycling or co-extrusion purposes.


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