rows of vegetables in a field are covered by bioplastic film


Melt flow improver for bio-plastics and biodegradable plastics.

Recently also approved for use with PC, PC/ABS and other polycarbonate copolymers!

Polystyrene melt flow applications.

Utilizing low dosing, ST-PA210 is uniquely suited for increasing melt flow index, compatibility & elongation, and improving dispersion in the emerging world of bioplastics. Our customers report verified performance enhancement with no waxy residues.

  • Suggested Resins

    PLA, PBAT, PC, PC/ABS, PC-alloys, PET, Polystyrene.

  • Application Examples

    Excellent for single use applications needing high flowability of resin like food containers, utensils or cups. Also very effective in PC and PC/ABS for keeping glass filler away from the surface, allowing a glossy, rich surface.


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