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ST-HT11 & ST-HT312

ST-HT11 / 312 are heat stabilizers with essential capabilities such as anti-yellowing and protecting polymers against heat aging.

ST-HT11 Features:

  • Resists thermal degradation and yellowing caused by high shear and high pressure during polymer extrusion or injection molding
  • Retains initial color excellently
  • Prolongs lifetime of polymers under heat aging conditions.

ST-HT312 Features:

  • Provides strong long-term protection for nylon up to 180°C, and excellent protection for the mechanical properties of products;
  • Can eliminate the need for other antioxidants
  • Suggested Resins

    Nylon (PA6, PA66, PPA, etc.),

    Polyester (PBT, PET), and PC.

  • Application Examples

    Nylon parts, such as parts of automotive engines, automotive front-end modules, nylon ties, parts of home appliances and other industries.

    Particularly for waste materials recycling, these additives provide a very good anti-yellowing effect.


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